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Analyze the processing of glass
Announcer:JT  Date:2018/11/15 18:32:35  Views:509

The process of glass processing during the processing of glass:

1, the original film selection: First of all, glass processing must have glass original film, the thickness of the original glass film is not the same, if the production of display glass is generally selected between 1mm, 2mm, 3mm thickness, due to digital The product has a relatively high requirement for light transmission, so it will choose ultra-white glass.

2, glass size cutting: the size of the original film itself is very large, generally more than three meters long, more than two meters wide. Cutting can be said to be the first step in glass processing. The staff will calculate how to cut the original piece according to the size on the customer's drawing. This algorithm must take into account the size consumed by the trailing edge of the glass. Therefore, there is also a saying of tolerance.

3, glass edging chamfer: just cut glass will be scratched, the glass edge will be very sharp, the customer will also ask for edging, but the edging has the edge of the fog and the bright side, installed in the box It is also possible to reduce the cost of the fog, which can also reduce the cost, and the polished edge is required by those customers who have a relatively high aesthetic appearance. After the edging is chamfering, the chamfer also has a special chamfering machine, through the chamfering machine can accurately pour out the desired R angle.

4, tempering: tempering is divided into physical tempering and chemical tempering. We talk about physical tempering here. Physical tempering is to heat the glass to a certain extent in the tempering furnace, and then cool it, and the hardness after glass tempering is enhanced. Customers will require glass tempering to be safe. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass.

5, silk screen: some glass processing will go through this step, because the customer wants to print some patterns on the glass, company logo and so on. Silk screen printing also has high temperature silk thread and low temperature silk screen printing. High temperature silk screen printing will be carried out in the previous step of tempering. The screen printing room should be relatively clean. Thus, the ink does not incorporate impurities. The effect of silk screen printing will be better.

6, cleaning and testing packaging: the last glass to pass the test of the inspector can pass, the problematic glass will be selected, some will be invalid, and some can be processed less. Good glass is filmed by a film machine and then wrapped in kraft paper.

The above is the approximate process of processing glass in a glass processing plant. A piece of finished glass is going through many processes.