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Dimming laminated glass
Dimming laminated glass (STG), also known as electronically controlled liquid crystal dimming laminated glass, photoelectric glass
Product Details

"dimming glass"


Dimming laminated glass

Dimming laminated glass (STG), also known as electronically controlled liquid crystal dimming laminated glass, photoelectric glass, PDLC glass, smart glass, electronic curtain, electro-optic glass, electro-optical liquid crystal atomizing glass, etc., is a composite of liquid crystal film into two layers of glass In the middle, a new type of special optoelectronic glass products formed by high temperature and high pressure lamination, wherein the liquid crystal film has an opaque state in a state of power failure, and is transparent when energized, so that the dimming glass has the characteristics of ordinary glass and electronically controlled curtains.

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Principle of dimming glass

Dimmable glass (Switchable Glass) is a dimming film STF (full name is polymer dispersed liquid crystal film PDLC-Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal film is a liquid crystal-plastic layer composited in two flexible ITO transparent conductive film) solidified in two pieces Between the glass, in the natural state, the liquid crystal polymer inside the liquid crystal film is irregular, and the incident light is scattered in the polymer to be milky white, that is, opaque. After energization, the dispersed liquid crystal polymer is rearranged, from disordered to oriented and ordered, and the incident light can pass completely to form a transparent state.

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Application scenario

Electronically controlled dimming glass is generally used in the following places:

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Example 1: Indoor partition: Even in a large office area, the partition of several walls or frosted glass will appear narrow and boring. All of them adopt transparent glass design and lack of business confidentiality. At this time, you really need a transparent adjustment. The illuminating glass material solves the troubles. When the conference room is idle, it can be adjusted to the full-light transparent state. When conducting business negotiations, the entire negotiation area can be completely blurred from the surrounding eyes with a single touch.


Example 2: Curtain function: Here, the dimming glass has another commercial name, called “smart glass projection screen”, which means that the background decorative picture can be displayed in a transparent state, or as a glass wall of a conference room. It can replace the image screen in opaque state and has more clear features. In this way, it breaks the functional monopoly of traditional cement wall and achieves multiple effects.1.jpg

Example 3: Balcony doors and windows: The balcony bay window and the addition of dimming glass can make a revolutionary improvement in the poor privacy of the building. In daily situations, adjust to a transparent state to maintain clear lighting; in a casual state, in order to maintain a sense of security, it can be adjusted to an opaque state, but there is still sunlight to be close to each other. The same applies to the washroom and shower.


Example 4: Indoor Space Interval: Dividing the room with dimming glass, improving the spatial layout, and increasing the degree of freedom of brightness adjustment, will have unexpected effects.


Example 5: Application of medical institutions: It can replace curtains, function as partition and privacy protection, solid and safe, soundproof and noisy, and has the advantages of environmental protection, cleaning and non-contamination. It removes concerns for patients and saves doctors from trouble.


Example 6: Anti-theft application of shopping malls: It is recommended to be applied to counter jewellery glass and showcase glass in bank jewellery and museums and exhibitions. It will remain transparent during normal business applications. In case of unexpected situations, remote control can be used to instantly reach The vague state makes the criminals lose their goals and can guarantee the safety of the person and property to the greatest extent.


In addition, dimming glass can be applied to commercial entertainment, aviation navigation, railway transportation, store window, balcony bay window, hotel shower room, indoor space partition, commercial projection and small home theater projection, office, conference room partition, High-end buildings, control centers, medical institutions, medical, projection, refrigerators and other equipment, banks, jewelry, shopping malls, billboards, insurance companies, restaurants, museums, churches and other fields.



The characteristics of the electro-optic transparent and power-off matte of the electronically controlled dimming glass are derived from the "electro-optical effect" of the dimming film. After the finished product is laminated, it also has the following characteristics:

1. Safety: The production process of laminated glass is adopted. The film in the interlayer can firmly bond the glass, so that when the light-adjusting glass is broken by the impact, the glass fragments are stuck in the film, and no glass fragments are splashed and wounded.

2, environmental protection characteristics: 2, film and dimming film in the dimming glass can shield more than 90% of infrared rays and more than 98% of ultraviolet rays, shielding infrared rays can reduce heat radiation and transmission, shielding ultraviolet rays can protect indoor furnishings from the cause UV radiation causes fading and aging.

3, sound insulation characteristics: light glass interlayer film has a sound damping effect, which can effectively block all kinds of noise.

4, protection of privacy features: 4, the maximum function of smart dimming glass is the privacy protection function, you can control the transparent opacity of the glass at any time.

5, projection function: 5, smart dimming glass is a very good projection hard screen, in a light environment, the projection effect is very outstanding.

Dimming glass size

biggest size W1800mm x L12000mm
Glass specification Ordinary white glass, ultra-white glass, tinted glass, etc., the thickness can be3mm、4mm、5mm、6mm、8mm、10mm、12mm
Finished product thickness Common configuration8mm(3+3)、10mm(4+4)、12mm(5+5)、14mm(6+6)、18mm(8+8)、22mm(10+10)、26mm(12+12)

Note: The width of the dimming glass is limited by the width of the dimming original film. The conventional width is 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters. At present, the largest original film width in China is 1.8 meters.

Dimming glass product parameters

Optical parameter power upON Power offOFF
Visible light transmittance power up>78% Power off>55%
Parallel light transmittance power up>68% Power off< 1%
Haze power up< 6% Power off< 1%
Viewing angle >140°
Electrical parameters

Operating Voltage Powered 48V/60V (AC 50/60HZ AC, standard configuration 48V, large area 60V)
Threshold voltage Power on <25V (minimum turn-on voltage)
Response time Power-on to power-off (ie, from transparent to fog) <200ms Power-off to power-on (ie, from fog to transparent) <100ms
Power consumption Power consumption <5W/m2 when power is off No power consumption when power is off
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature -10℃-65℃
Service life -20℃-80℃
Number of switches >2 million times
Opening time >80,000 hours
Service life Power up > 10 years