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Non-slip laminated glass
Non-slip laminated glass
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“Non-slip laminated glass”


Non-slip laminated glass

Non-slip laminated glass is an innovative floor material with superior performance and safety. It is processed by multi-sandwich process. The upper part is made of tempered non-slip glass (the surface is etched with special anti-slip lines).


Non-slip glass features

1. Non-slip: The anti-slip layer on the surface of the non-slip glass has a high friction coefficient, which provides a guarantee for the anti-slip performance of the non-slip glass floor, and can walk as desired without slipping.

2, transparent: the anti-slip treatment of the glass floor still maintains the permeability characteristics, fully realize the unobstructed visual line, visual integration, and make the visual space more open.

3. Safety: The base of the non-slip glass floor has high strength and can withstand large loads without breaking. The non-slip glass floor formed by the sandwich can not only bear more load, even if the anti-slip glass substrate is accidentally damaged. At the time, the underlying glass still provides sufficient support to ensure safety.

4, durable: the anti-slip layer does not fall off, the anti-slip layer is a part of the whole glass, so it can be rubbed for a long time without falling off.

Slip glass thickness and common lines


Anti-slip glass lamination configuration


Non-slip glass application

Anti-slip glass is suitable for: coffee shop, stage, showroom, KTV song and dance venue, supermarket, large shopping malls, museums, landscape corridors, stair steps, etc.