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Gradient laminated glass
Gradient laminated glass
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“Gradient laminated glass”


 Gradient laminated glass
 Gradient laminated glass is a kind of EVA1 laminated glass. It is usually made by sandwiching a gradient film with a solid color (white or other color) gradient or pattern gradient between two layers of glass. The gradient glass is generally used for indoor partitioning and The interior of the hotel can create a warm atmosphere for the space and is a kind of decoration and decoration material commonly used by designers.image.png  

Note 1: EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer) film is a high-viscosity film material made of polymer resin (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) as the main raw material and added with special additives. It has strong adhesion to glass, and has the characteristics of toughness, transparency, temperature resistance, cold resistance, high bond strength, high elongation at break, good moisture resistance, etc. It is an ideal bonding material for manufacturing safety laminated glass. In addition to the common transparent color, EVA film color is also rich in various materials. The laminated glass produced by EVA film is called EVA laminated glass and paper laminated glass, EVA clip. The pattern of the glue (also known as paper) can be different, and the middle pattern material can be cloth, enamel, paper or film.

  Gradient laminated glass structure

  Gradient laminated glass is a double-layer glass, namely glass + EVA + gradient film + EVA + glass. The material of the gradient film is generally PET-UV inkjet film, and other materials can be used to make the gradient base layer, such as Juan silk, etc. Gradient treatment on the glass and finally compounding the lamination.


Application of graded laminated glass

  Gradient laminated glass is widely used in hotel interiors, office partitions, etc.