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Analyze the principle of insulating glass
Announcer:JT  Date:2018/11/15 18:17:15  Views:477

Analyze the principle of insulating glass The principle of insulating glass:

There are three ways of energy transfer in insulating glass: radiation transfer, convection transfer, and conduction transfer.

Radiation transfer

Radiation transfer is the transfer of energy through radiation in the form of radiation, including radiation from visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light, just like the transmission of sunlight. A properly configured insulating glass and a reasonable thickness of the insulating glass spacer layer can minimize the transfer of energy through the form of radiation, thereby reducing energy loss.


Convective transfer is due to the temperature difference between the two sides of the glass, causing the air to fall on the cold side and rise on the hot side, resulting in convection of the air, resulting in the loss of energy. There are several reasons for this phenomenon: First, the sealing of the glass and the surrounding frame system is poor, and the gas inside and outside the window frame can be directly exchanged to generate convection, resulting in loss of energy; second, the internal space structure design of the insulating glass Unreasonable, the gas inside the insulating glass is convected due to the temperature difference, and the energy is exchanged, thereby generating energy loss;

Conduction transfer

Conduction transfer is the movement of the molecules of the object, which drives the energy to move, and achieves the purpose of transmission, just like cooking with iron pots and soldering things with electric iron. The conduction of energy through the insulating glass is through the glass and its interior. The air is done. We know that the thermal conductivity of glass is 0.77W/mk.