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Talking about the purchase points of laminated glass
Announcer:JT  Date:2018/11/15 18:12:10  Views:614

Talking about the purchase points of laminated glass: the main points of purchasing laminated glass:

1, look at the mark inspection certificate

Since the safety glass product certification was carried out in 2003, most of the building laminated glass manufacturers in the country have passed the product certification. The company must screen or paste the 3C mark on the product body for sale, or attach it on its smallest outer packaging. The 3C mark is added to the document (such as the certificate of conformity). When purchasing a product, first check whether there is a 3C mark, and check whether the purchased product is within the capability of the company that has passed the compulsory certification according to the company information, factory number or product certification certificate, and whether the certificate is valid.

2, look at the quality of the inspection

To check the appearance quality of the product, the laminated glass should not be cracked or degummed; the length or width of the blast should not exceed the thickness of the glass; scratches and abrasions should not affect the use; bubbles, impurities or other observables in the middle layer can be observed. Defects such as opacity should not exceed the requirements of GB/T 15763.3.

In the course of use, external impact should be avoided as much as possible, especially for tempered laminated glass to avoid impact from the tip. When cleaning the glass, be careful not to scratch or scratch or scratch the glass surface, so as not to affect its optical performance, safety performance and aesthetics. Laminated glass should be used with neutral glue when it is installed. It is strictly forbidden to contact with acid glue.

As a kind of safety glass, the laminated glass is damaged by the impact of the PVB film of the two ordinary glass intermediate clips, and it will not cause sharp fragments to hurt people after the ordinary glass is broken.

At the same time, its PVB interlayer film has the sound insulation and sunlight control properties, making it a new building material with energy-saving and environmental protection functions: the use of laminated glass can not only isolate the 1000 Hz-2000 Hz anastomosis noise that can penetrate ordinary glass. And it blocks more than 99% of UV light and absorbs heat from the infrared spectrum. As a laminated glass that meets the performance of new building materials, it is bound to play a huge role in the use of safety glass.